18 February 2013

Winter outing February 2013.

The winter outing to Anglesey Abbey Gardens and Lode Mill, Cambridge, was a great success. En route the American World War 11  military cemetery was visited. It is the only one in England. The weather was beautiful, it was amazing how much brighter & warmer it was, considering it was only a few days since there was snow on the ground.
 The gardens are famous for their winter colours and amazing gleaming silver birches, they were beautiful in the sunshine. There are over 200 varieties of snowdrops.

One of the many varieties of snowdrops.

Kathy & Susie among the silver birches.
The American memorial cemetary was spectacular, meticulously maintained, and although only a short visit, was very memorable.
One of the many statues depicting the servicemen.

Notice all the crosses to the right, what a waste of young lives!

The crosses just went on and on, it was very poignant.
The final port of call was the Scotsdale Garden Centre, Cambridge. One of the UK's largest independent Garden Centres with a large restaurant within, which serves hot food. Many of the members took advantage of this to refuel before the journey home. A great time was had by all.

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