18 June 2012

Susie & Richards' open garden.

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wow what a fabulous day and turn out - I'm sorry that I missed it - especially looking at those cakes :))) Judyx

Richard & Susie.
Hello, all. It's Hilda, the roving reporter here again. Several of us from Greenfingers Club  went to help out Susie & Richard at their open garden last week. We had all been keeping an eye on the weather as it continued to be cold, wet & windy. However, it surprised us all and turned out to be quite a nice afternoon. The sun even showed itself at times!  The event was very well attended and raised over £700. This included entrance fees, refreshments, plant sales and a "guess the weight of the cake" competition. Susie and Kathy did a lot of baking to make loads of delicious cakes which were very popular. The money went to the Salvation Army and prostate cancer research.
When they moved into their house 12 years ago, the garden was completely grassed over, with only one rose bush and a small tree in it. What a transformation now!  It is divided into 3 sections which lead into each other, making it an interesting garden to be in. There is no actual colour scheme to it, plants are just put into their own part of the garden, either the English garden (for Susie), oriental (for Richard), or the vegetable patch. Richard has trained the fruit trees into interesting shapes to divide the different parts.
A smiling Budda in the black bamboo.
The "Guess the Weight" cake.

A lot of delicious cakes for sale.

An aerial view of the garden.
Kathy & Peter.

Happy tea-ladies. Sally, Kathy, Susie, Hilda & Jeanette.

Last but not least, a colourful basket of Heucheras.

2 June 2012

May events.

Peter with a BIG spade at the Malvern Show.
Peter visited the Malvern Show in order to see some speakers for next year. He managed to book Leila Jackson, the Abutilon specialist, and also a Heuchera specialist. Leila took the silver for her display, she also featured on the Gardeners' World programme.