30 January 2013

January 2013 meeting.

The January 2013 meeting was a very busy one, in spite of the bad weather. Kathy & Susie were kept busy taking outing bookings, Jeanette & I (Hilda), were taking the subs, issuing cash receipts & selling the remaining newsletters. The fact that Peter was doing the talk made it easier, as we could allocate as much time as it needed.

Busy bees, Kathy & Susie, taking outing bookings.

Eventually, all the office work was done and Peter could start his talk. He started by telling us some general news, how everybody loved the London Lights outing and the fact it will be repeated  this year, on December 7th. Although Peter is not going to run the Harold Hill club, they still want to join in with our outings. He has booked three so far, and will add more as the year goes on.  
There were two new members present, whom Peter welcomed. About ten people have left the club, mainly because of distance they have to travel, ill health or advancing age. People who are recommended by members will be welcomed to fill the spaces.
You will notice the lovely shiny teapot that Andrew is holding in the photo of the post below, (scroll down). It was a Christmas present from Matthew's Nurseries, whom we will be visiting later, on Friday April 19th, after Beth Chatto's garden. It will be good to see them again.
 Peter was eventually able to start his talk, starting with recommended plants of interest for everybodys' gardens. The PLANT OF THE MONTH was designated DAPHNE ODORA, a delicately flowered, sweet smelling plant. A piece was passed around for us all to smell, it was beautiful.
Afterwards, he had a range of garden chemicals to target specific garden weed and pest problems, this was most informative
After tea, made in our nice new tea pot, he showed us several photos taken at various outings over the years, also featuring Richard making funny faces at various times. I didn't realise he had that talent!
When we were putting the chairs away afterwards, Iris Watling came and spoke to me. She does calligraphy and had a new project to write & decorate, it was a poem, which she thought the club would like to know about. Here it is:
Learn to know the seeds of your garden
To love and cherish what they bring
Consider the places where they grow
and make it your aim to protect them
Remember their seedtime of the year and the
joy of others who are to look upon them
Keep them in your mind and heart
As a great lesson from nature

I thought it was most appropriate. Here is a photo of  Iris, taken at the November 2011 meeting:

Iris Watling


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