24 May 2014

Matthews' visit to Garden Club. May 2014.

Our club friends, Matthews' Nurseries, attended Heathlands for this meeting, instead of us going to them. Whenever we went before,  the coach was so packed with plants, it was difficult to get them all in.  This worked well, the weather was breezy but not cold, so the plants could go outside where we could all browse. It was all hands on deck when the van arrived and the plants were soon laid out for all to see.

Plants for sale
Ken & his assistant did a sterling job, taking the money & bagging up the plants. Their mental arithmetic got good exercise!
The plants were gorgeous, as usual, with fuchsias, pelargoniums, Petunias, and trailing basket plants of all sorts, with many others.

Plants & money change hands.
Here are some of the plants for sale:

Pretty Pelargoniums.

Some more.
Decisions as to which ones to buy!
When most of the buying was done, everybody retired to the hall, where the tables & chairs had been laid out so the members could sit around and chat, also listening to the announcements from Peter while they drunk their tea & nibbled on a biscuit. His announcement about the new newsletter being available resulted in a flurry of sales, I am glad to say.

This was a very different meeting and I think it met with everybodies' approval, giving us all a chance to chat for a change. 

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