26 March 2013

March 2013 meeting.

This didn't go to plan at all!  The weather was bitterly cold and Jean Griffin, who is a Radio Kent gardening programme presenter, and was meant to be speaking to us, was snowed in, so couldn't attend. It is only the second time in the 13 years of the clubs' history that this had happened and the person booked was not able to come.

The snow is fun for some!
Peter took over the meeting and gave a talk on his favourite plants, namely begonias and hucheras, bringing examples with him.  We discussed planting, pest control and general care. The club members asked questions about all sorts of gardening topics.

Trailing Begonias

During the tea break the raffle was called, and appropriately, some of the prizes were begonia bulbs. The back of the hall was a hive of activity, with deposits and balances being taken for the outings, subs being paid and the newsletter being sold.

A montage of Hucheras

After the break Peter showed us some of his flowers via  the computer, together with ideas as to how they could be displayed.

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