12 May 2012

Hilda's Uninvited Guest.

Last Tuesday, a neighbour knocked and informed me I had a visitor on my front porch. I looked down, and there was this prickly little fellow!

He showed no inclination to leave, so I found two bowls and gave him some cat food and water. He ate the food ravenously then snoozed. He was still there that night, so I gave him more, which he also ate.  Much to my surprise, he was still there the next morningMy neighbour made him a Des. Res. from a shoe box, cotton wool & 2 elastic bands. I put it down, and he climbed straight into it!  After cleaning up several lots of poo, and realising he had been nibbling on the insulating foam of the outside tap, I began to think he would be better off in the back garden. As he was still in the box, I carried him through and put the box in a sheltered position together with his bowls.
Yum Yum!
 That night, he was out and about in the garden, hopefully eating up my copious supply of slugs and snails. I am gradually reducing the amount of cat food I am giving him, as I am sure he will find more than enough natural food for his needs there. Another good thing is, he will be safe from the road.

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