1 February 2012


 here is the reply from T&M re the potato tubers. I had to chase them up to get the discount, though. When I placed a quite large order for plug plants, etc, the website wouldn't recognise the e-voucher. I rang customer services & spoke to a lady who said to continue with the internet order & she would refund the £10 on Monday. I waited about 10 days, but no refund. I then e-mailed them & waited & waited. I was just on the point of doing it again, when a message came saying they had refunded it to my debit card that I had used to pay with. It just shows you need to PERSEVERE

Our Ref: TM556341X

Dear Hilda Gooby

Thank you for your recent email.
The key for increased success is moisture, feeding and daylight levels.
Moisture content requires the compost to be moist at all times, but not too wet to avoid problems with the crop below soil level. Over-watering during the early stages of growth reduces the number of tubers to form on the root as oxygen levels are reduced.
Once the shoots/leaves start to grow then feed a high nitrogen fertiliser (grow more or miracle grow) to get growth underway once a week. Keep topping up the compost gradually to the top of the planter. Once the foliage reaches the top of the planter then feed with high potash feed (tomato feed, seaweed extract, and comfrey) as potatoes love higher potash. Feed weekly, still do not let compost be too wet unless on really hot, sunny days.
Daylight quality is vital for regular growth. Often the earliest plantings before mid-march can perform to a lower standard as the day-length and light quality (cloud cover, cold nights etc) will slow down growth.
We appreciate the disappointment and hope you will accept the below £10.00 e-voucher as a good will gesture;

If there is anything further I can do to be of assistance, please get in touch. I'll be happy to help.

With best regards,
Abby Mills
Customer Service Team

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